Remote Control Airplane Gps

Remote Control airplane gps
remote control airplane gps
Using toy airplane to smuggle drugs?

I have this idea when I was in the air competing models. Some remote-controlled aircraft can carry loads of up to 2.4 kg, so he thought of hooking a bit of cocaine in them and control the aircraft along the borders xD. Now the police are plane, but how do you know whose it is? Accualy can find the radio signal, but there are planes that are guided in the GPS so I what do you think? ps I do not think seriously of doing this lol, I just found this fun idea: P

An idle brain is the devil's workshop. Why not put your brain to something really worth doing? Dan

RC Plane Delivers GPS Beacon in Antarctica

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Teddy posted at 2011-2-25 Category: Radio Control Model Airplanes

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